Michael Feldstein About Sketches
I'm Michael Feldstein. I'm a software engineer, user experience designer and prototyper, and VJ at the time of writing.
Past Work:
Chrome for Android First front-end engineer.
Canopy Co-founder and lead engineer.
Android Wear Prototyping tools and prototypes for Android's first wearable platform.
Google Now Animation prototypes and shipping front-end code for Google's advent into cards.
Palm WebOS Worked on the internal apps team at Palm building core apps on the platform as it was being built.

Side Projects:
LED Staff Lab A tool for a friends Burning Man LED Staff, to find out how patterns look in a moving staff without having to write embedded code for every iteration. (Play with the sliders!)
Interactive Shader Format A playground for building sharing and remixing interactive real-time effects for use in VJ apps and installations.
VJS A full-fledged, bindable VJ system, written in Javascript. Very alpha. Control your web music with your media keys.
MacroMeez Visuals A simple, all-in-one VJ system for MacOS, using a PS3 controller to control it wirelessly. Also very alpha.
Wavelist Simple and snazzy youtube playlists. Nothing more, nothing less.
Hush Utilize's great key service to encrypt and decrypt messages on your android phone.